Sunday, May 1, 2011

Water Contest!

We have decided to enter in a contest held by the CowSpotDog Blog.

The theme is water so I have decided to enter pictures from Chase's first bath!

Well he was quite a smelly puppy after digging in the dirt, rolling in mud, and getting all slobbery from playing with other dogs! And so he recieved his first bath, he was clearly not excited at all.


  1. But he looks so darn cute - I recognize those big sorrowful eyes though - just like Reilly when he has a bath !

  2. Poor Chase. We are not fans of baths in this house. Katy did enjoy her trip to the groomer which we still don't understand. She went in terrified and came out a princess.

  3. Awww...poor Chase! Such a face!

  4. Oh how pathetic. He sure is perfecting that sad puppy dog look!

  5. Oh excellent entry! Woo don't look furry happy little mate, cheer up, maybe woo will win some nice prezzies for your pic:) play bows,